Mission Statement

We are based in the UK with the following aims:

(a) To promote an interest in the study and maintenance of Anabantoidei, Nandidae, Channidae and Badidae wherever possible.

 (b) To provide members and other interested enquirers, with information on the maintenance and breeding of Anabantoidei, Nandidae, Channidae and Badidae.

 (c) To encourage the breeding and distribution of Anabantoidei, Nandidae,  Channidae and Badidae with the initial objective of making such species readily available to members.

 (d) To support and contribute to conservation projects, university studies and research as appropriate that are concerned with Anabantoidei, Nandidiae, Channidae and Badidae.

 (e) To publish a newsletter, which shall be known as Labyrinth, by and for the members of the Association. This newsletter is to be the voice of the Association and provide the opportunity to gain and share information and knowledge. It may be supplemented by such other literature as the Association may issue for the benefit of members.